How does it feel in front of my lens and working with me as your photographer?

I have a relaxed personality that loves to document natural and real moments as much as I can. Where some guidance is needed, I position my couples in a way where moments can still happen naturally and for you to truly be your authentic selves. 

I believe in good communication and planning with my couples with things like timing for your day, what you can do when it comes to lighting and sunset times that enable you to live in the moment and have fun on your wedding day.  I am intentional with my efforts to assist you and your experience with me throughout this process is important to me.

My approach is to capture those real moments of you as a couple with your closest family and friends, telling your wedding story in the most authentic way that I can.

I believe that moments are happening all the time and I look for them whether its kids playing on the lawn, bridesmaids fixing their hair, the guys having a cheers, the grandparents congratulating you, those secret tears that fall during a speech, that guest with all the right dance moves- just all the moments that make up your story and it would be an honour to capture yours.

I have been shooting weddings for more than 12 years and absolutely love what I do.


Fill out the form

If you would like to enquire about my wedding packages or to book me as your wedding photographer, please complete the form on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Meet up

If you would like to, we can have a quick zoom call to meet each other and have a chat about your wedding plans. It's great to be on the same page when it comes to a timing guideline so that I can capture as much as I can for you guys.


The Wedding

The wedding day! How exciting. The best advice I can give you is to live in the moment and trust in the team you have chosen to be a part of such a special day in your lives. We've got you!


Delivering photos

In ten to twelve weeks, you will receive your edited pictures via my online gallery. Please send me a review of your experience with me. It is greatly appreciated and can help my business grow!


What gear do you shoot with?

Canon Eos r 6 body
Canon Eos r body
Canon 28-70mm F2
Canon 16mm F2.8

What is the most important question after booking you?

Having a chat about your timeline for the wedding. I love that every wedding is different but knowing we are on the same page and have worked out timing that works for both of us allows me to capture the day the best I can.

How many pictures will I receive?

This depends on the package option you choose, but its between 300-800 images.

Are you available outside of Cape Town?

Yes I am, please take into consideration travel and accommodation fees :)

Do you do smaller photo sessions?

Yes, I do family, maternity, couple and lifestyle photo sessions.
For a couple getting married, this is a great option if one of you are shy or unsure of being photographed. You'll discover on this shoot that you can just be yourself.

How do we book you?

Head over to the contact me page at the top, I'd love to hear from you :)

What part do we play in the success of the pictures?

Be intentional about being yourselves and being present. Enjoy and live in the moment. Most people can overthink it, there are so many small moments that are happening and when you just let go and have fun, I have the opportunity to capture them.

Why is the sunset time significant?

The sunset time is important so that there is enough time for your ceremony, signing and congratulations (1 hour), time with guests (30min), family photographs (30min) and couple photographs (40-50min depending on client) before the sun sets.Have a look at your sunset time and make sure you get married at least 3 hours before the sun sets otherwise it will be dark outside!

How much does it cost for you to shoot my wedding?

It depends on the wedding package that you choose but it is between R18,000.00 and R30,000.00 excluding traveling and accommodation costs.

When would you recommend a second shooter?

If you would like photographs of your guests, weddings that have more than 90 guests would require a second shooter so that they can focus on those type of shots. I do take photographs of the guests during canapés and speeches so there will be moments of your guests without a second shooter, it just wont be very extensive.

Another reason would be if the groom would like photographs of his preparation before the wedding.

If I am able to work out the timing so that I can be with the groom and bride before the ceremony, and if you aren't getting ready too far from each other I can make it work and shoot it myself.

Do you have an assistant?

At this time, I am happy to shoot on my own without an assistant.

How do you feel about working with a videographer?

I am happy to work alongside a videographer. As long as the shooting style and approach is similar it can work.

Videographers that are not looking for moments but have specific shots they want to pose can break the natural and spontaneous flow and moments from happening and can effect what I am able to shoot.

I am happy to recommend videographers.