Hello! I'm a wedding photographer in Wellington, Cape Town.

I'm grateful to be surrounded by many beautiful wedding venues!

I am Christene, a photographer who loves capturing weddings and connecting with people. I am inspired by our country’s beauty, people’s love for one another, and the joy of celebrating life.

I love intimate weddings, the one's that are all about the people you love, the golden moments found in a warm embrace, a burst of laughter and all those in-between happenings are what I am always on the look out for, it's what brings me joy and that keeps my passion alive.


Fact 1

I was born in Johannesburg and raised in White River, near the Kruger Park. I had an incredible childhood visiting the bush regularly and remember many slow and warm evenings.


Fact 2

My love for photography started with my father who is an artist. I have wonderful memories doing art with him in his studio. He also took many portraits of me with his camera when I was a young girl.


Fact 3

I got married in February this year at the magical Bartholomeus Klip to my best friend-it was magical! I also gained so much perspective being the bride and getting married myself.


Fact 4

My husband and I live in Wellington, in the winelands and we have two cats called Jasper and Casper who bring us a lot of joy to our lives. We love the small joys like a good glass of wine and some chops on the fire.